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Nick Brunelli

  • 151 W Woodruff Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210-1226
  • 614-688-3400



Postdoc at Emory with Huw M. L. Davies (2013)

Postdoc at Georgia Tech with Chris W. Jones (2010-2013)

Ph.D. at Caltech with Konstantinos P. Giapis and co-advised by Richard C. Flagan (2004-2010)

B.S. at The Ohio State University (2004)

Key Honors and Distinctions:

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2004-2007)

Outstanding Senior Chemical Engineering Alumni Award (2004)

Dow Outstanding Junior Award in Chemical Engineering (2003)

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Award in Chemical Engineering (2002)

National Merit Finalist (2000)

Research Areas

Heterogeneous and Immobilized Catalysis and Catalytic Materials; Sustainability, Energy, Environment 

Our research program focuses on the design, synthesis, spectroscopic interrogation, and reaction testing of novel catalytic materials. We bring a broad background of organic and inorganic synthesis techniques to investigate fundamental aspects of catalytic materials with the goal of increasing catalytic selectivity and activity. A major focus of our work is creating uniform catalytic sites. For heterogeneous catalytic materials, typical synthetic methods produce a distribution of catalytic sites, making identification of the highly active and selective species difficult. Homogeneous catalysis overcomes this through making well-defined small molecule catalysts through organic synthesis techniques. Our approach utilizes organic synthesis techniques to generate the highly organized catalytic active sites. Through spectroscopie interrogation and catalytic testing, we seek to identify highly selective and active structures. Iterative design, synthesis and testing enables our work to advance fundamental understanding of catalytic material design. 


  • May, 2019

    Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Emerging Investigator (2019).

  • March, 2019

    2019 Lumley Research Award.

  • January, 2019

    Robert Augustine Award.

  • September, 2018

    2018 Influential Researcher.

  • June, 2004-
    June, 2007

    National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

  • September, 2000-
    June, 2004

    National Merit Finalist.

  • May, 2003

    Dow Outstanding Junior Award in Chemical Engineering.

  • NSF CAREER Award.

Journal Articles


  • Ranadive, P.; Blanchette, Z.; Spanos, A.; Medlin, J.W. et al., 2021, "Scalable synthesis of selective hydrodeoxygenation inverted Pd@TiO2 nanocatalysts." Journal of Flow Chemistry


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  • Deshpande, N.; Parulkar, A.; Joshi, R.; Diep, B. et al., 2019, "Epoxide ring opening with alcohols using heterogeneous Lewis acid catalysts: Regioselectivity and mechanism." Journal of Catalysis 370, 46-54 - 46-54.
  • Biddinger, E.J.; Brunelli, N.A., 2019, "Preface to the special issue honoring Umit S. Ozkan: 2017 ACS Henry H. Storch award winner." Catalysis Today 323, 1-2 - 1-2.


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Papers in Proceedings


  • Brunelli, N.; Deshpande, N.; Whitaker, M.; Parulkar, A. "Tuning catalytic material design of zeolites and mesoporous materials to increase catalytic selectivity." (8 2018).
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  • Brunelli, N.; Deshpande, N.; Kobayashi, T.; Yang, C-T. et al. "Tuning the molecular design of tertiary amine catalysts on amorphous mesoporous silica supports for glucose isomerization." (8 2018).


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